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Zhejiang Yongda Group Company was founded in 1981, which has developed from Changxing Power Pole Facto-ry. The company is located at Heping town in the southernmost Changxing County, Zhejiang Province, China. It isclose to t-he provincial Road 11 and the new highways, which provides convenient traffic for us. It has 12 branchcompanies and ab-out 1600 employees.

The Group involves power and communication construction industry, green energy and machinery and electrical indu-stry, and public service. Under the leading of the Board of Directors and all staff’s effort, the Group goes to the road of sustainable develo-pment and sets up Yongda’s brand philosophy of “Sincerity and Merits, Changxing Yongda”.

Yongda Group achieves a lot with great effort in these 27 years under the inspiring of Yongda spirit, namely, civilization, commitment, sincerity and dedication. The Group is given the honors title as “AAA Bank Credit Rating”, “AAA Tax Paying Rating", and “AAA Observing Contract and Keeping Promises Rating". It is one of the first group of “Credible andReputed Demonstration enterprises”, the member of Huzhou electric power association, as well as the member of drafting and amending national electrical pole standard. It passed ISO9000 quality system certification in 2000 and ISO14001 quality system certification in 2001. The Group’s profit and tax have been more than RMB 10 million yuan in 7continuous years. The gross output value of the Group plans to reach RMB 1.5 billion yuan in 2010.

Yongda Group nowadays realizes group management and dive-rsification, which forms such an industrial pattern: electric power and communications industry, as well as green energy and mechanical and electrical industries as the core while public service as the com-plement. The Group has over 20 years’ history in the production of power poles and electric power equipments. Yongda power pole eve-n becomes the top brand in East China. Yongda Group always takes a leading position in production facility, technology, production scale and technological process of this field.The productions of Yongda power poles are welcomed by different companies or departments in electric power, mobile, and telecommunication fields in Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, Anhui Provin-ce, Shanghai and other areas.  

Green energy is the new growth point of Yongda Group. The Group has a group of senior scientific management tale-nts and high quality staffs who study different series of lead-acid storage batteries. The Group has scientific research capa-bilities for the study and development of new products. It also established a quality inspection test center for the products. The products made by Yongda occupy a large amount of market share and are widely used in telecommunications, electric power, military, railways, banks, UPS power supply, automobiles, motorcycles, and electric cars. The Group saves a great amount of energy for the country by producing the energy-saving and environment-friendly products.

Yongda Group also devotes itself to public service, which is always the focus of Yongda Group. Yongda Group invest-ed RMB 5 million yuan to built Changxing Yongda Waterworks, which not only completely eliminates the long-termdifficulty in drinking water of tens of thousands of local residents in Heping town but also provides the guarantee for attracting inve-stment and better economic development. In 2003, Yongda Group invests to hold the Heping hospital, which greatly improves the public health service and health care service in Heping town as well as the surrounding areas.

With the expansion and development of the Group, the leaders realize that the Group should intensify the internal management, use scientific methods and built three teams, that is, management, techn-ology and sales for better development in fierce market competition. The Group targets on good quality of the products under the guiding of such a quality policy: quality is the footstone of Yong-da; customers’ satisfaction is the eternal pursuit of Yongda. It will meet the future challenges by using scientific managem-ent and creation of Yongda with great passion and effort of staffs.

The tenet of Yongda Group is to build centurial greatness of Yongda Group with the effort of all members of Yongda Group and to create the brand of “sincerity and merits, Changxing Yongda”. We are proud of the achievements we have got and we will be more ambitious for the splendid future. We believe we can win out in the market with our effort and courage.

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